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Here are a few examples of how our articles have appeared in various publications.

When we returned to South Korea, we had a chance to explore cuisine that isn’t as well known as BBQ and kimchi. Jae’s article and Denton’s photos filled the entire broadsheet of the Sunday Chicago Tribune: Page One

Traveling in Victoria, Australia, along the ocean, through the vineyards and the city of Melbourne.  Our story appeared in the Boston Herald: Page One, Page Two

Visiting the castles of Scotland, touring distilleries, and escaping to the Orkney Islands.  Here is our piece on Scotland as it appeared in the Chicago Sun-TimesPage One, Page Two

Caribbean destinations and the celebrities who love them.  Bonaire, Grand Cayman, St. Lucia and the coast of Mexico, here is our story as it appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times: Page One, Page Two

Tahiti offers the opportunity for a once in a lifetime getaway. Here is our story as it ran in the Chicago Sun-TimesPage One, Page Two

Shopping in the chic and upscale neighborhoods of Melbourne.  Our story from the magazine Los Angeles ConfidentialPage One