Denton Morris

Never mind that his mother was a photographer. It was his prize-winning photo of a tree in the Cascade Mountains that whet his appetite for photography at the age of 12. Since then, Denton Morris has traveled the world in search of that perfect shot.

He has climbed to the top of Mayan pyramids in Belize, lit incense at the world’s largest freestanding Buddha in Hong Kong and dived into cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula where the first inhabitants of North America were found. While in Melbourne, he downed a few well-earned pints–all in the name of good photo journalism, of course.

Morris is a certified scuba diver who specializes in underwater photography. He has a physics degree from the University of Washington (Go, Huskies!) and a MBA from North Central College, neither of which has helped him frame a shot.  See more of his photography at